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Marc Coysman
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Haygain HG 2000

The Haygain HG 2000 is our largest steamer, ideal for larger quantities of hay in larger stable yards with 4 or more horses. The HG-2000 can accommodate a fully-strung bale or 35- 40kg of loose hay, haylage or haynets. It features the Haygain patented steam distribution manifold spike method; two five-pronged steam manifolds penetrate the hay, enabling steam to diffuse outwards throughout the hay at temperatures in excess of 100ºC/212 ºF, eliminating respirable dust and killing harmful mould spores and bacteria. Quick and easy to use, the HG-2000 steams forage in 50 minutes using a 2.9kW steam generator with a water capacity of 8 litres, which is sufficient for two consecutive steaming cycles. The steam generator features a stainless steel boiler shell with a domed lid for optimum steam flow and consistent delivery, a robust heating element and offers safety thermal protection with a “run dry” alarm and warning light. The balanced integrated handle allows for easy rinsing of the unit while the location of the filler spout, with its brass safety release filler cap, prevents over- filling. The HG 2000 container is double-skinned for exceptional strength and thermal efficiency in all ambient temperatures, without compromising performance.