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Horse Solariums

C&C Complet offers a variety of horse solariums. The special developed solariums are requiring the highest quality standards and are build according the latest guidelines. The infra red lamps are of the highest quality.

By using the solarium your horse will recover quicker after a heavy work out . The infra red rays are opening the blood vessels and provide the horses muscles with more blood so the lactose toxic waste will quicker disappear. Your horse will have less muscle injuries. The provided infra red heat will make sure blood sugars will be quicker absorbed by the horses muscles.

Solarium - Super offer

  • New Super Offer
  • € 1000 / incl vat
  • 11 lamps
  • Ventilator
  • Switch
  • Galvanized version

Solarium - MaXuSS Standard

The highest output
The nice finished body is manufactured of a two tone heat resistance impact-proof plastic and is made in 3 pieces. The solarium follows the horses back lines and provides the perfect warmth on the horses muscles because of the right angles where the lamps are shining with. The front and rear part can be moved up and down separately so you always can find the right adjustment for your horse.

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Solarium - MaXuSS Thera

Note: this info is only available in Dutch:

Harmonie voor uw paard
Bij kleurentherapie worden kleuren gebruikt om uw paard in harmonie te brengen. De basis van kleurentherapie is het ’energiesysteem’ van het paard, zoals dat in oosterse geneeswijzen en veel religies al eeuwenlang wordt erkend. Dit systeem gaat uit van het bestaan van een aantal energievelden in en rond het paard.

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Solarium - MeRCuRR

Compact care combination
The MeRCuRR is made out heat resistant shock absorbing plastic and is very suitable for smaller areas. Because of its compact shape the solarium is in combination with a washing place the ideal place to take of your horse.

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